Words and Whispers

To those of you reading this, I am honoured that you find my words worthy of your time. I’d  like to tell you why I write, why I started this blog. Writing, for me, is an escape. It is a way out of my crazy, upside-down life. It gives me a way to express the countless thoughts that run through my head, day in and day out. It also lets me be ME. A serious, thoughtful person at times and at others, an insanely weird, happy go lucky soul. When I write, I hope to connect with you on some level, to make you understand my emotions and maybe even relate them to yours. Even if my words don’t affect you, I sincerely hope you enjoy reading them. Thank you once again for your time. 

6 thoughts on “Words and Whispers

  1. I found you in the community pool. I love the feel of your blog. I especially like the photo that goes along with the title. Very catchy title too. I feel like I am sitting in a huge, old library when I open your blog page. That to me is nicer than a trendy Barnes and Nobles. Great job.

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  2. Hey there!🙋
    I was looking someone like you, to be honest. Your blog is an interesting one, coming straight from your heart.
    I love the positivity you share amongst your fellow readers.

    Recently, I shared a post similar to yours on how do you feel after you write, and coincidentally your post is somewhat a response to my question.

    Would love to hear from you!😊


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  3. I feel you. It is the same for most of us… the feelings we can’t express verbally… can be easily expressed in writing. For me.. i love to write. I am not so good in grammar and all it is a different aspect… but just like you writing has always been my escape. Sometimes I use ‘she’ to describe myself… my story as ‘her story’… to look at my story from the perspective of someone else… to question her action and relate it with mine… it just so easy… I can expressed my thoughts without saying they are mine….
    All in all… nice to meet you.. hope to read some more of your posts in the future.

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