They told her the world was a beautiful place. There was the sea, blue as her eyes. Trees, some reaching all the way to the sky and some as short as her. There were mountains stretching way up high, trying to touch the clouds and the star. 

To her, though, all these words were meaningless. She knew not what blue or tall or sky or the stars looked like. And she never would. No mater how hard she tried to picture it, it remained just out of her reach. All she ever saw was a darkness that they told her was “black”.

 But at night, when she was in bed, she saw it all. The beautiful colours of every shade. The waves broke on the shore, foaming and frothing. The mountains reached up to a place that humans ever only dreamed of reaching. She saw stars spread out like an ocean. She saw trees of every shape and size, their branches reaching out to her, inviting her to come closer. The flowers, red, white yellow and blue, looking like something out of a fairy tale. She saw the world in its entirety, all of its breathtaking beauty in a single glance. And then she opened her eyes. And the world was back to the darkness she had always known. 

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