Light Up The Dark

She used to look up at the sky, at the world, at the stars that lit up the world when there was no light. She was just like them, lighting up the darkness in the lives of people around her, expelling their shadows and their deepest, darkest fears. The darkness never seemed to affect her.

 But one day, she cracked, the weight of the world was too much for her to bear. The shadows came in, taking over the little bit of light left in the world. And she remained, a broken, crumpled mess, unable to expel the darkness in herself. The Shadows reigned, until one day, she dared to look at the skies again. 

The stars burned just as brightly as they did earlier and in that moment, she knew that no matter what, she could make it, she could shine just as bright as them and bring light into the world again. The fires of hope raged in her and she refused to give up. She picked herself up, slowly and laboriously. She faced all her fears of the shadows killing her light and she continued to light up the darkness, one word, one action at a time. 

6 thoughts on “Light Up The Dark

  1. A beautiful portrayal of a person suffering from depression, yet gathering up the strength and courage to stand up against it, and conquer their hatred, be it towards the world, other people, or themselves. Great job!

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  2. I could really feel the emotion put into this, it gets your emagination working as to what the girl’s situation is and what this story symbolises. I love deep stories like this ❤


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