Of Love and Loss

She was always the quiet one. The one sitting in a corner studying while the “cool kids” partied. She was the one who was never invited to parties or movies or sleepovers. The one who was never noticed, an island in the ocean of humanity. And she liked it that way. 

All that changed when she met him. He was the polar opposite of her, outgoing, fun and he fit right in with the cool crowd. At first, she dismissed him to be another one of the crowd. Another person who had hair gel instead of brains. But then one day, they talked to each other, and to her it felt like there was finally someone in the world who understood her. Who got all her silly quirks and her weird obsession with books. Being with him was like being in a dream. The world seemed to become a little better when he was around. But she had to wake up some day, and on that day, the dream shattered into a million little fragments. There had been an accident. He was gone. And he was not coming back. Not now, not ever. At first, she felt like the world had ended. And for her it had. Because he was her world. And when he left, there remained a void in her heart. Suddenly there was all this empty space that used to be his. She tried to fill it with so many things. She tried to see if anyone else could take his place. And then she realised the heart breaking truth. There was no one else who could take his place because he was one and only one. He was everything and he was just him, all at once. That’s what made him so special. 

Today, she’s alright. She’s moved on. Built a life of her own. She has a family, a husband and a beautiful daughter. But sometimes, she sees someone that looks a little like him, who wears their hair the same way he did, tilts their head the same way he did when he laughed and a million other little things that only someone who loves you deeply can notice. And in that fraction of a second before she realises it’s not him, the memories come flooding back. The amazingly happy and the completely heart breaking. But along with the memories comes that same feeling of being understood. The world becomes a little better , a little more colourful, she smiles a little brighter and that feeling stays with her for a long time after. 


6 thoughts on “Of Love and Loss

  1. An accurate representation of how, despite being thrown into a state of mourning for quite a while after the loss of someone close to them, a person is capable of displaying immense emotional endurance in times of need. With time, while still showing signs of missing that special someone, they learn to cling not to the memories that bring them despair; rather, they reminisce about the memories that make them glad to have known the person.


  2. This was such a beautiful post, very moving and heartfelt. I hope that if people really understand each other and are lucky enough not to be separated by death, they remain close because the world is enough of a sad place as it is, and this gives me hope beauty in relationships does happen!

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