The Truth About Forever. 

There are some days in which I feel completely alone. When I don’t feel like getting out of bed to face the day. When I wonder if there is a point to this world, to our lives.  And on these days, I spend a lot of time wondering what we are and what we aren’t. 

And I realised this: We are human. We are skin and bone, flesh and blood. We are flawed, we make mistakes and we go about our entire lives hoping that our souls can be the one thing we cannot: forever. 

But we also dare to hope. We dare to dream, to go out and do the things that we want. Because to be human is to have an insatiable thirst for life. We do not merely sit down and watch our life pass by. We get up, and seize the day. We do what we want to, think what we want to, say what we want to. We create. We destroy. But in the end, we live. There will come a day when there are no men or women left on this earth, but our marks on this world will never be erased, they will remain eternal and that is reason enough to go on. At least, for now. 

6 thoughts on “The Truth About Forever. 

  1. It’s very easy to relate to this post; when you make a sudden realisation about something that is normally taken for granted, or is ignored, you’re paralysed. That is, until you can finally find hope, find a bright side to the story which allows you to keep going, comforted by the fact that there will always be some degree of permanence in what you do.

    At least, that’s my take on it. If that’s what you’ve been trying to convey, you’ve done a magnificent job on it. I may have missed out on some of the finer details of the paragraph (I’m slightly sleep deprived. 😂) , but from my understanding of it, it’s beautiful. Keep up the great work!


  2. This is amazing! Seizing the day and not just watching life pass you by is key to the human experience! This was an absolute pleasure to read, keep up the awesome work! My only advise is to perhaps break it down into paragraphs to make it less overwhelming to read all at once.
    I found you on the community pool! It would be amazing if you could choose one of my blogs, read and comment on it.
    I just started out and am looking for some feedback 🙂


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