Who Needs A Prince? 

To all the heart broken people out there who feel lost, lonely, abandoned, who feel like life will never be alright again, I say this to you: Someday, you will find love. There is somebody out there, maybe a minute or a million miles away, whose fate is bound with yours. And there will come a day when you will find that person, and when that day arrives, you will know-maybe not at once- but you will realise that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, this is the person whom you want to let down all your walls with, you want everything with them. But until then, don’t put your life on hold trying to find that one person. They will come to you. Meanwhile, remember that you are special on your own. You do not need someone to complete you. You’re beautiful, kind, weird, crazy and all sorts of you all on your own. You do not need somebody to make you the person you are. You are special. You are one of a kind. You’re magical, simply because you are you. And that’s enough. 

There is nothing in the world that can change or destroy you apart from yourself. Always remember that. 


3 thoughts on “Who Needs A Prince? 

  1. The love of others in this lifetime is never guaranteed. And even when, if at one time, we may have the love of another, it is not guaranteed to last an eternity. Love, much like life, is fleeting. Live. Be unique. Be free. Be giving and selfless. Be loving. Do not deny love because of its brevity, but do not suspend life waiting on love.
    This is a lovely post.

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