Light Up The Dark

She used to look up at the sky, at the world, at the stars that lit up the world when there was no light. She was just like them, lighting up the darkness in the lives of people around her, expelling their shadows and their deepest, darkest fears. The darkness never seemed to affect her. […]

The Truth About Forever. 

There are some days in which I feel completely alone. When I don’t feel like getting out of bed to face the day. When I wonder if there is a point to this world, to our lives.  And on these days, I spend a lot of time wondering what we are and what we aren’t.  […]

Be The Rainbow In Your Storm

When you’re angry, lost, alone, hurt, tired of being treated like you don’t matter, don’t give up. Don’t give in. Maybe you’ve been hurt. Maybe all your walls broke down and then somebody came in and trampled all over you. But do not let that affect you. Don’t lose yourself because you lost someone who […]


They told her the world was a beautiful place. There was the sea, blue as her eyes. Trees, some reaching all the way to the sky and some as short as her. There were mountains stretching way up high, trying to touch the clouds and the star.  To her, though, all these words were meaningless. […]

Words and Whispers

To those of you reading this, I am honoured that you find my words worthy of your time. I’d  like to tell you why I write, why I started this blog. Writing, for me, is an escape. It is a way out of my crazy, upside-down life. It gives me a way to express the […]